For a Vibrant Littleton Business Community!

The Littleton, MA Business Association (LBA) is a an opportunity advocacy organization committed to facilitating a robust and vibrant business climate in Littleton that not only serves the interests of the membership but, also serves to better the community at-large.

The LBA seeks to inform and enlighten public officials and the general public on issues of importance to the business community in Littleton. The LBA exercises advocacy though the use of various means and media. Further, the LBA recognizes that through direct involvement with public officials and the public at-large, the membership can work with key stakeholders to help shape conditions in Littleton that mutually benefits all of Littleton.

The purpose of the association shall be to promote and encourage the commercial, retail, professional, artistic and civic interests of the residents and businesses within the Town of Littleton through the provision of information, education, and communications among the members and others interested in the Town of Littleton and the formulation of policies, plans and projects consistent with the economic, physical and social vitality of the Town.