Littleton Robotics – World Championship Tournament

Littleton Robotics is in its first year and has won the New England District Rookie All Star Award. This win positions them to compete for the National award when they travel to St. Louis. There’s only one opportunity to be a rookie, and it is clear that they are making the very most of it. They are the 10th ranked team in New England, out of 196 teams, and the highest ranked rookie team.

The team needs to raise $15,000 in 2 weeks’ time in order to go. The admission cost alone is $5000.

Please contribute what you can afford but keep in mind the need and short time in which they gave to raise the funds.

Use the form below to make your donation through PayPal or after you make your donation amount known you can mail in or drop off a check. Continue Reading

Castle in the Trees Community Rebuild – September 20 Through 25, 2016

Littleton’s Castle in the Trees playground was built by the community in 1991, and has long outlived its projected lifespan, thanks to maintenance by Littleton Children’s Fund and others. However, it is nearing a point where maintenance and repair won’t be able to keep it safe. Before this happens, the Rebuild Castle Committee has pledged to raise funds and rebuild Castle in the Trees, so that it won’t be lost forever when that time comes. We plan to rebuild the playground in September 2016. Please donate today to help keep the project on track..has a projected build date of late summer 2016. Continue Reading