About Us

The Littleton Business Association is a non-profit organization that represents businesses in the Town of Littleton, Massachusetts.  Established in 2015 by a group of business people who were concerned with the many issues of owning and operating a business in the town of Littleton.  We are comprised of business owners who see the importance of having a strong representation and a good working relationship with the town officials.

In order to become a member you must be an owner, partner, corporate officer or designated representative of a recognized business, business activity, profession, or other legitimate business enterprise located in or with offices in the Town of Littleton, or in an adjacent Town, whose business or activity has a business interest involving citizens of the Town of Littleton or with the Littleton business community.  Members who represent a business that do not have an office located within the Town of Littleton shall not have voting rights for the organization but can participate in member activities to support the The Town of Littleton.